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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fun with Music, Drama and Comedy

This is a persuasive speech I did in my Sec. 5 English class. It wasn't a great speech, unfortunately, but I'm posting it anyway for the sake of building an audience for myself, including you people.

Anyway, enjoy!

            Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and The Beatles are some of the most influential celebrities in the world in terms of visual arts. But sometimes drama and comedy would add up to the fun of music or combined with it, depending on what we understand about it and how we earn the “past-on” experience from experts. Just how do we earn incredible emotion and recognition from performing these kinds of arts? My purpose is to interest my audience with drama, singing with music, and comedy, looking into the ideas of them with a little bit of my experience. For example, knock, knock, who’s there? It’s me! Anyway, it’s time to call to listen to the world of music, drama and comedy as we move beyond into music.

            Music is a sound, a form of sound where its properties create a sense of melodrama from various instruments, such as drums or guitars, that may include voice-overs. I happen to have a story. In the Black History Month Variety Show, I consider this party as “Bieber Fever” when I sang “Pray” by Justin Bieber and everyone cheered for it, along with the relaxed, smooth popularity of the voice on the mic. The music themselves, the artists and the lyrics, all add up to the hearts and/or brains of teenage girls and the minds of teenage boys. Melodrama is out there, allowing us to go into the feelings of others and feeling so proud. The stage is the magic, the cheering is the vial and the performance is all together, the potion. The reputation stands out as the singer shares his or her voice with their skills, even though you may be scared to perform in occasions like this. “To be or not to be,” as Prince Hamlet says in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. “That is the question.”

            The props, the literature, the emotion and the movement. Drama is a kind of fiction related to literature shown in performance. The most famous ones include William Shakespeare’s screenplays, including Romeo & Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet. Only one day of the year, one day, a school here, either in MonterĂ©gie-Est, Montreal or even Ottawa, the Montreal Shakespeare Company shows up. Don’t wait till the last minute, ask the cast how passionate a play or drama can be. When you see a bunch of sets on the stage, you’re already absorbed into a new world, like the world of Star Wars, Mario or Pokemon. However, Lucas, Miyamoto and Tajiri are in the world of video games and movies. Instead of big plays where you say, “Throw your mistemper’d weapons to the ground,” why not small ones like Danny, King of the Basement? But sometimes plays can’t be presented with one thing our minds are manipulated by: comedy.
The cell phone. It rumbles as if Winnie the Pooh says, “I rumbly in my tumbly.” Comedy is a discourse in a humorous manner to let the audience laugh at through techniques of verbal communication, tone and body language. Consider Jim Carrey, Michael J. Fox and Tom Green. They’re all silly men. They aren’t even going to play blackjack if they have to pay Rick Riordan all of Percy Jackson’s troubles. Of course, people try to look for jokes, but they ain’t always right. Only a soul would play a cartoon monster, yet it makes the public and the comedian’s friends feel happy and favourable. Although this person from Naples, Florida is going to college for broadcasting and/or narration, he’s still making jokes, along with the epic “No!”, in his video game walkthroughs. This person is Emiliano “Emile” Rodolfo Rosales-Birou, also known as YouTube user Chuggaaconroy. “Hey, everybody, it’s Chuggaaconroy!”
As a restatement, my purpose of the speech is to stimulate you to go up to the auditorium and show your valuable self with some speech and movement. Just don’t forget to hand in your CV or ask the director first! Take your chance and show what you’ve got, all to earn a big recognition. You’ll need a stage to do this. Don’t feel too proud before the director says his or her opinion, because you may lose your prize. And don’t feel too sad, have your friends help you. Although some of you are anxious to do it but feel that you’ll be happy with the strong recognition you can earn, just keep this in mind. “Never Say Never,” Justin Bieber. Whenever you’re in the cast or not, it’s there. A sense of entertainment and influence is there for you. I sing in music, I play in drama and I joke around in comedy.

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