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Monday, December 24, 2012

Need some help for other holidays to come

Hello, guys. How have you been this past week?

I haven't been typing blogs because I was occupied with trying to find work online, playing games (mostly Archimedean Dynasty by Blue Byte Software GmbH in 1996) and have been watching relentlessly the news on the 2012 Mayan apocalypse where other people were making rumors about the day that the Mayan Long Calendar completed its thirteenth bak'tun by Friday, December 21st that the world would end. Luckily, nothing happened; even six major points about the predicted doomsday were dropped down by NASA.

Now, I have been taking a look at several surroundings for Christmas and even tried out a few levels of the Season Greetings scenario from Angry Birds Chrome, and even wanted to decorate my father's house as well as get a tree with a stand, but unfortunately, it was a failure because of lack of finances on my side for leisure and holiday purposes.

As soon as I completed my Mechanics exam on Tuesday, December 11, I immediately took some time to try to find some work online, besides what I did the weekend before, for a full-time job where I would work at least 30 hours a week and earn $300 or more. But as I took more time to find jobs, I knew I was starting to get into trouble.

I got no calls nor e-mails for interviews, mostly because either my candidacy profile does not fit all the requirements or simply all candidates who were hired must speak French, which is sadly a language that even though I was born in, I have been doing really badly, all because I let English assimilate me. Still, I shouldn't be limited to just Quebecois traditions.

Anyway, I have tried going to a few complex buildings, two malls, a few restaurants, and even a computer shop in applying through the old-fashioned way, and I haven't received any calls or e-mails for interviews. I went through numerous job openings on Emploi Quebec's Online Placement Search Engine and still don't get any requests for interviews.

Last week, I took the time checking out the online job system on to see if there really is job openings that I can apply and help others out; I found out that the rates are lower than what Quebec's minimal wage is, mostly because is designed to outsource jobs to people around the world and help them out in their local economies.

I even tried signing up on sites where online surveys are taken, and guess what? No available surveys for me! Even if I would sign up for other survey sites right now, I would be out of luck because the marketing analysis is closed until sometime in January.

And just today, I went outside to see if I can get some money by selling my kept copies of my music videos (Traffic & The River) where I had ten copies originally with me and went around the neighborhood; more than ten houses out of those I went out to see (probably 15) said they are not interested. From there, I began to feel really discouraged about how I can't really get myself more money for me to enjoy a wonderful Christmas. I want a Wii U, and the occasion I had at my mom's house on December 16 allowed me to get $230, but I still need another $200 to get the Deluxe version of the system and a first Wii U game, which would be New Super Mario Bros. Wii U.

Earlier this weekend I've managed to sell two copies of my music videos to my neighbors around the street my dad's house is on and earned $20, which means I could use that to buy some games online. But I will still feel that I am not having a really pleasant Christmas, all because one, I am suffering from lack of French, two, I did not make any money from sales of my music videos during the summer, and three, I was too absorbed with the marketing process of my videos instead of getting a job during the summer.

Now, I want to get some help from you guys on the holidays during 2013, because I really want to have a more pleasant time instead of being off holidays for too long. For now, just leave me comments and I'll get back to you soon because my time on the Internet is about to go down, so I'll see you guys later.

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