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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Princess Peach In India [Story Idea]

Here's a really fancy story I have made, although it is more of an initial idea and comes from a visual I had more than two years ago. Enjoy reading! :)

If you take the India Documentary "Growing Up In India" very seriously, and you put in a character who shares beauty, wealth and pride, you got a valuable insight that is like gold.

Now, experience it with Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom, in Nintendo's first GTA-style sandbox video game with only cartoon violence,
Princess Peach in India!

In the wonderful city of Mumbai, since its history at the time the British came in, there were poverty and discrimination upheavals, now the city is in deep turmoil. However, the issues with the Indians do not change their own feelings, because of the values of their cultures.

But still, people who really care about what's going on so much feel like they should help out the people of India. Although many social workers have been sent out there, it's still going to be a while before the city is in its beauiful path since its long ancient history.

When the news of the problems of India reached the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach actually felt that she should explore the new world of India's culture. Her best friend, Princess Daisy, wants to join in to see the values of India and possibly help the government call in more social workers and non-governmental organizations.

So, off to the country of India. Princess Daisy rented a car and decided to drive Princess Peach and two other social workers: Rick Henderson, the black-haired young man with some fabulous India clothing, and Jim Broadway, one bright 25-year-old who love to get along with others in a different country.

As the four met the government executives outside Ashok Towers I, a new trouble approaches. The Koopa Troop comes in the city, having its members split up into seperate gangs, causing discrimination to the Indian children. The four social workers had to escape in the same car as before and head to the Kurla district of the city.

With only about 45,000 Indian Rupees in hand (about $1000 CAN), Princess Peach tells the 2 new social workers to go sleep at their hotel, while she decides to go to her other hotel with Princess Daisy. They decided to meet again the next day, since it was already 5:00 in the afternoon already.

Will Princess Peach learn the valuable Indian culture and help her friends stop the Koopa Troop from assimilating the Indian government? She will explore the religins, the clothing, the dancing and the things that she will find it valuable.

By Gregory Desrosiers

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