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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Super Mario Bros: The Fighter Attack [Game Idea made in 2009]

Hello, guys.

Here's an exclusive game idea I have made back in 2009. It's an idea for a 2D shooter with 3D graphical design based off a 2004 clay-animated shooting game called Platypus, made by Anthony Flack of New Zealand.

You can read it with the theme of the Chai Kingdom from Super Mario Land synced in; it's suggested, but the result is, you get a stronger impression on just what it's like to have a retro shooter in a Mario theme.

Anyway, enjoy reading!

Bowser has asked Princess Peach to see if he can marry her, but her reluctance had provoked him to commence war with the Mushroom Kingdom Air Force. His son, Bowser Jr., camouflaged himself with his magic brush to become Shadow Mario. He had barely kidnapped Princess Peach, but the airforce believed that Mario is behind all of this.

During a trial, Princess Daisy protested that Mario did not cause any harm and that she knew who camouflaged himself into Shadow Mario. Her friend Tatanga had witnessed Boser Jr. turning into Shadow Mario before boarding the ship.

Now Mario must do something to save Princess Peach. With the friendly unite of Princess Daisy and Tatanga, they forced Sarasaland Engineering Ltd. to construct fighter aircraft that can use Fireballs to shoot the enemies down.

Of course, Princess Daisy wants Luigi to help out Mario, but the orange princess is helping out too, along with Tatanga. They asked MK Aviation to construct a ship where there’s a radar to detect large bogeys and to fire large laser beams to destroy large blockages.

Now, with the two “SE-24 Yokas” and the “Kawada” in hand, can the two heroes and the two united destroy Bowser’s “Miyamite” and defeat him?

What will the heroes find against the Koopa Troop Air Force?

Based on the PC game “Platypus” by Anthony Flack and Idigicon Ltd.

All characters, weapons and music are copyrighted materials and/or trademarks of their respective owners.
© Nintendo

Thanks for reading!

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