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Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Black Glove [Short Poem by me]

This is a poem written by me back in April 2010. I'm not sure if this was for an assignment, but this is what I got.

It may not be good as compared to how I would write it now, but I want to show off my original work for the sake of revealing more of myself.


The Black Glove
By Gregory Desrosiers

In the cold winter is a snowy day
Where the season has froze the bay
Out on a hill comes a dressed-up boy
Who is lacking himself with joy
Covering the right hand is a black glove
Where the left hand has a white glove
Out goes a battle where the black glove is pulling
Then the left hand is provoked where the white glove is pushing
A sudden cry comes from the boy
Where the two gloves have a coy
The provoked boy makes an enormous scream
Where the white glove diminishes like cream
The black glove who is a winner
Pulls on the boy for his own dinner
The tormented boy trips on a covered rock
Where the black glove digs in like a sock
The black glove in the snow surrenders itself
And satisfaction hits the boy for himself
The recovered white glove gives the boy a thumbs-up
Where out came a sentimental successful yup.

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