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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Asperger Computer - Speech Credits

This is only a credits post because of a speech I've been working on for May 1st at my college, but anyone can read this; it's simply to show who did what in the making of the speech.

Best to listen to the Credits theme from Yoshi's Story, starting 1 minute 20 seconds before the end. Oh, and there are no reference guides of the project at the moment; I hope to bring one up later!

Enjoy reading!

The Asperger Computer
(January 20, 2013 - May 1, 2013)

- Staff Credits -

Producer & Writer
Gregory Desrosiers

Assistant Producers & Organizers
Justin Hunt
Jasmine Lindsay

Jordan McAran Bourque
Justin Hunt

Public Relations & Ads
Champlain Student Association Advertising Team
Dean Howie

Presentation & Production Consultant
Marie Pupo

Support Team
Dave Persons
Champlain Cavaliers Cheerleaders
(Natalie Pepiot, Anne Ouillet, Roxanne Gareau and Roxanne Brace)
Jessica Myre
Marina Bresba
Jasna Queenville
Kim Mathieu
Ann-Sarah Demers

Special Thanks
Jade Préfontaine, Sarmista Das, Amin Ranj Bar, Michèle Titcombe
American Psychological Association
Linda McGirr, Samia Ramadan (for teaching JAVA)
François Desrosiers
Corina Wind

Executive Director
Don Shewan

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