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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Introducing myself (original blog on Autism Support Network)

This is a message opening up a topic on the Autism Support Network where the original message was uploaded there minutes before this one (May 28th, 2013).

Enjoy reading!

Hello, everyone. Let me introduce myself.

I am an English college student from Montreal, Canada, with the goal of being part of the network to grow awareness on me and eventually share my e-book, because currently no one seems to buy it, and so this is where I'll build part of the recognition and reputation needed to reach my goals.

As you have seen already in my profile summary, I am taking courses in Computer Science and Mathematics with the biggest educational interest in learning on how to program and eventually make way to create my own computer games in my career. As of right now, I have gained knowledge on how to write programs in JAVA, but I also want to learn on how to program in Visual Basic, C++, and even C. This is for me to get into the fundamentals of programming and demonstrate a low-to-moderate level of competency before I use today's tools for programming in today's games.

I am also an individual living with Asperger's syndrome and have been going through a lot of negative and intervened experiences. The most important issue I'm trying to resolve that I am attempting to pull out and cope with that's been going on for five years is being occasionally invited to be with friends and have a great time at the same rate as people without AS or any mental diagnosis. As for the past two years, I am also trying to get myself into the real world with the success of a very good profit and being able to do things I wasn't able to reach out yet from my childhood. This involves getting recognized, earning support and praise, and being able to do things that other people want to see me do: sing a song, deliver a speech, program an application for use, talk about what I'm smart in, make YouTube videos or anything multimedia; you name it.

Here's a project I've done that I tried to sell a lot last summer but failed to do so because I did not had a marketing budget. I even sacrificed the summer for this over getting a job because I had high expectations for me to pay off my expenses from the profit of my work alone.  They are up on YouTube shown here:

Anyway, that's a fresh new beginning here. But I hope that in the long run, probably like in three weeks or so, things start to get really handy here.

Oh, and if you guys are curious about my e-book, check it out here: 

Well, I'll see you guys around!

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