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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Am I Happy on My Brother's 21st Birthday?

Hi, everyone.

How you been lately? I'm feeling grumpy right now, and because of this, I'm going to sleep as soon as I finish this blog out and spending no longer than five minutes on rewriting my e-book.

I just had a birthday dinner to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday, though he was technically born on June 3rd. What we had was hamburgers, with large patties, and hot dogs with large franks, brought from Costco Wholesale just more than a kilometer away from my mom's house. We had some potato salad as a side, also brought from Costco because it is a large container. [Unfortunately, I can't tell you what brand it is.]

There was me, my brother Quentin, his girlfriend Kelsey, his friend Alex, my mom, her boyfriend Jacques, his father, and finally, his father's friend.

I had two hamburgers, with mayo, sliced tomatoes and onions, and some potato salad. I was not really that talkative; instead, I just focused on eating and not chat in with everyone else. I think it was all because I wanted to finish it and just get back to what I was doing; I wanted to work on my e-book, but it turns out I was being lazy with things.

It was not long, though, before I had to go back out to the patio again and eat a piece of rum cake. However, I did enjoy the sugary taste it leaves as soon as you lick on the moist side; as you cook the cake, the alcohol actually accumulates in the steam, which then goes out through a grill or a vent hole.

One of the things I was working on, as I was waiting for supper to come in, is a questionnaire document a job counsellor sent me. I am working with that person at a specialized employment house for autistic people called Action Main d'Oeuvre. (, in French only) She's going to help me out with being integrated to the job market as well as being employed at the appropriate places where my candidacy profile mostly matches the requirements for the job I'm applying for. Although I have been interviewed already for my job application as a functionality video game tester at Babel Media, and that the manager wants to hire me with a full two-day training course, I still need to keep searching. It turns out the manager does not have a project for me to come to the office and work on.

Anyway, something scary came to me as I was trying to rest myself down before I had supper. Because no one is buying my e-book, no one has brought a copy of it for the past twenty-five days, none of my close friends has considered me to come and hang out, as well as how difficult it was going to be before I start making money and begin getting out of my stigma for real, unlike what I did in the past month with my PowerPoint Presentation, I was thinking, "oh, no, my summer is completely ruined!" I started to shed a few tears for a few seconds before something came to me, where I should send an e-mail to my father explaining to him what's going on, then get suggestions from him to see what I can do as I progress my week. I wish one of you guys can really tell me what I can do to market my e-book and get a big audience to come in and buy my book for real.

I am actually feeling so tense right now, because I absolutely want to sell a whole lot of copies of my e-books and be considered to meet up with people who are recognized by more than one million people, as well as some YouTube users. I want to get a better life by accomplishing my goals of getting out of my social stigma, making others recognize who I am, what I want, and what I need help with, make some money, and end up going on a vacation to Plattsburgh, New York, as well as be considered going to different places in the Eastern United States for television interviews, speech deliveries, and meeting up with celebrities like Katy Perry.

If there's anything you want me to do to spread the word about my e-book as I work on a better revision, please let me know and I will highly take the time to do so. But I want to make sure that it is not spamming or something that is fradulent or inappropriate; it will be easy for me to be caught and end up being sued for thousands of dollars. My e-book is up on Lulu and Smashwords, and I have my Facebook page right here:

Anyway, it's getting late now, and I feel like I want to go to bed, so I'll see you guys in the morning. I'll spend an hour working on finding a job after breakfast, and then I'll write another blog to see how things are going.

See you later.

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