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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Need some help on publicity with my e-book

Hello, everyone.

What I want to bring is, I am working on a second edition of my e-book, called "The Asperger Computer," that I've worked on originally back this Spring. It's a guide that talks about Asperger's syndrome and multimedia Unfortunately, I only sold nine copies, and I haven't sold one in the past thirty days, even though I did upload my book on Smashwords.

There's also some kind of battle I had with a few users from a Facebook group who really complained about me being such a jerk in my first ever television interview; they said that I was not totally direct. I had a lot of fillers, and they were thinking that I made the whole story up as deception.

The second edition is having at least four times more content than my original version, because from a PowerPoint by Mark Coker from Smashwords, more words will make my book more likely to sell.

The e-book is supposed to help me out get a much better life and hopefully end up with me joining several celebrities like Katy Perry, world's most recognized autistic individual Temple Grandin, as well as be socially integrated and have some money, aside from a summer job I'm getting. I really don't want to be discouraged anymore; I want to feel socially and economically empowered with a high amount of self-esteem.

What I'm here for, in this message, is to talk about getting help on publicity. I did ran a very small advertising campaign last weekend on Facebook to gain more likes. Unfortunately, I don't really have any money to spend on publicity, but I want to ask which ways would be good for me to promote my e-book as my writing is in progress.

That's because if I do not spread the news about it, by the time I start selling my e-book, it's going to totally flunk and not sell at all. I'm a very greedy person about this, but I want to get a very better life aside from just getting a job. I want to present myself to the world with a lot more success than the price of failure!

What I was thinking is put up a bunch of free press releases, as well as design and upload a PowerPoint on SlideShare. There's gotta be a website as well where I can share some news about my e-book in the e-book industry!

Please help me out with publicizing my e-book as I work on it; I definitely want my e-book to sell and earn much success at the end! Please leave a comment for me and spread the word on it!

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