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Saturday, June 15, 2013

"The Asperger Computer" outline and Spreading the Word

Hello, everyone! How are you guys doing? I'm doing okay, though today I wasn't being really productive with me building my audience for my second edition of my e-book, "The Asperger Computer" because I had problems with drowsiness, even if I did take a cup of coffee with some white sugar! I did not even continue writing my edition!

Anyway, what I want to take the time for right now is to share with you guys what you are expected to see in the second edition of my e-book. I'm going to share with you all the topics I'm covering, with their appropriate sections, and afterwards, I'm going to give you guys a message that will encourage you to share this with your friends, and tell them, as well as your other Facebook friends and who you know about my e-book being in progress.

The second edition of my e-book, "The Asperger Computer: A Self-Published Guide on Asperger's Syndrome and Multimedia," by Gregory Desrosiers (me), will contain four times the text contained in the original edition (120,000 words), and five times the amount of topics discussed, making sure the final size of the manuscript does not exceed maximum sizes for sites such as (2MB). The e-book will still be sold at $2.99 a copy.

There will be 14 chapters, for a total of 162 sections. An external prologue, epilogue, and reference sections will be provided in the e-book.

Here's what the e-book will contain:


Notes on This Edition and the Original

Chapter 1: What is Asperger’s Syndrome about?
Sect. 1: Anecdote – The Mentally Handicapped Stranger
Sect. 2: Introduction to Asperger’s Syndrome
Sect. 3: What is Asperger’s Syndrome
Sect. 4: Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome
Sect. 5: Famous people with the syndrome
Sect. 6: High-functioning autism and Asperger’s
Sect. 7: World’s Recognized Autistic Individual – Temple Grandin

Chapter 2: Symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome in Detail
Sect. 1: Extreme Irritability
Sect. 2: Shyness, No Talking, Silence
Sect. 3: No Empathy or Social Reciprocity
Sect. 4: Non-Verbal Communication
Sect. 5: Making things Complicated than Keeping it Simple
Sect. 6: Erratic Behaviours
Sect. 7: Negative Feelings
Sect. 8: Self-Centered Manners and Lack of Respect
Sect. 9: Laziness
Sect. 10: Stress and Excitement
Sect. 11: Lack of Interests, both Socially and Alone
Sect. 12: Being Alone on the Job
Sect. 13: Running Away from Parents
Sect. 14: Family Relations
Sect. 15: Education Problems
Sect. 16: Friendship Problems Part 1 – Adapting to how Friends Interact with One Another
Sect. 17: Friendship Problems Part 2 – Engagement to Socializing
Sect. 18: Friendship Problems Part 3 – Keeping in Touch with Friends through Social Networking and/or Telecommunications
Sect. 19: How is Asperger’s Syndrome like a Computer or Computer Program?

Chapter 3: My Part of Asperger’s Syndrome
Sect. 1: Diagnosis
Sect. 2: Preschool Education
Sect. 3: Elementary School Education Part 1
Sect. 4: Elementary School Education Part 2
Sect. 5: High School Education Part 1
Sect. 6: High School Education Part 2
Sect. 7: Appointments with Doctors
Sect. 8: Vaccinations
Sect. 9: Intervention by Social Workers
Sect. 10: My time with Social Groups
Sect. 11: Issues with Harassment and Violence
Sect. 12: Understanding “Personal Space”
Sect. 13: Turning Things Complicated
Sect. 14: Problems with Going to Sleep
Sect. 15: The French Language

Chapter 4: People’s Needs and how People with AS Consider Them
Sect. 1: Hygeine
Sect. 2: Foods and Drinks
Sect. 3: Exercises
Sect. 4: Clothing

Chapter 5: Life Issues
Sect. 1: Learning on How to Drive a Car
Sect. 2: Hospitality Part 1: Clinics
Sect. 3: Hospitality Part 2: Hospitals
Sect. 4: Hospitality Part 3: Check-ups and Vaccinations
Sect. 5: Relationships Part 1: Approaches to boy / girlfriends
Sect. 6: Relationships Part 2: Dating
Sect. 7: Relationships Part 3: Sexual Acts
Sect. 8: Employment Part 1: Resumes
Sect. 9: Employment Part 2: Job Search and Interviews
Sect. 10: Employment Part 3: Keeping the Job
Sect. 11: Having Children
Sect. 12: Living in a New Home or Apartment
Sect. 13: Education
Sect. 14: Transportation
Sect. 15: Taxes and Credit Forms
Sect. 16: Insurance Payments
Sect. 17: Equity Bills, incl. Internet and Phone

Chapter 6: The Social Stigma
Sect. 1: The Reality of the Social Stigma
Sect. 2: Outcomes of the Social Stigma
Sect. 3: Keeping Your Own Character while Adapting to Your Friends’ Wishes
Sect. 4: Social Stigma Rule 1: Discrimination
Sect. 5: Social Stigma Rule 2: Lack of Social Interaction
Sect. 6: Social Stigma Rule 3: Financial Issues
Sect. 7: Social Stigma Rule 4: Homework [both school and work at home]
Sect. 8: Social Stigma Rule 5: Social Commitment
Sect. 9: Social Stigma Rule 6: Lack of Comprehension
Sect. 10: Social Stigma Rule 7: Your Interests vs. Your Friends’ Interests
Sect. 11: My High School Outing in February 2011
Sect. 12: My High School Graduation in 2011
Sect. 13: Preventive Measures of the Stigma
Sect. 14: Advantages of Social Integration

Chapter 7: My Multimedia Negativities (bringing you in to answer my questions, of course!)
Sect. 1: Media-related Emotional Negativity Part 1: Pop Culture Music
Sect. 2: Media-related Emotional Negativity Part 2: Video Game Music
Sect. 3: Media-related Emotional Negativity Part 3: YouTube Videos
Sect. 4: Media-related Emotional Negativity Part 4: High School
Sect. 5: Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady’s The Big Bang Theory (with Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, and Kaley Cuoco)
Sect. 6: 2 Broke Girls


Chapter 8: Knowledge in JAVA
Sect. 1: How am I Smart in JAVA?
Sect. 2: First Time Learning JAVA (My Experience at McGill’s Computer Summer Camp 2010)
Sect. 3: How to Write a Simple Program in JAVA (Originally from my Blogspot Blog)
Sect. 4: Variables
Sect. 5: Decision Structures
Sect. 6: Loops
Sect. 7: Designing Methods and Classes
Sect. 8: Arrays
Sect. 9: Inheritance and Polymorphism
Sect. 10: Interfaces
Sect. 11: Exception Handling and Text I/O
Sect. 12: GUI Applications
Sect. 13: A Talk on Programming
Sect. 14: What Programming Languages am I Interested in?
Sect. 15: What do I know about Video Games as a Basic Programmer?

Chapter 9: Knowledge in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry
Sect. 1: How am I Smart in Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry?
Sect. 2: Arithmetics
Sect. 3: Enrolment in High School Enriched Math Courses
Sect. 4: Logical Thinking
Sect. 5: Calculus I and II
Sect. 6: Chemistry
Sect. 7: Physics

Chapter 10: Achievements
Sect. 1: Elementary School Achievements
Sect. 2: High School Achievements
Sect. 3: Competition Achievements
Sect. 4: Personal Achievements
Sect. 5: Latest Achievements

Chapter 11: Education
Sect. 1: Current Education
Sect. 2: Education Back at the Beginning of College
Sect. 3: University
Sect. 4: Special Aid
Sect. 5: Enrolment into College
Sect. 6: Highest Marks Achieved
Sect. 7: Remembering Elementary School
Sect. 8: Remembering High School

Chapter 12: Friendships
Sect. 1: What I want to do With My Friends
Sect. 2: “What Seasons do you like, Gregory?”
Sect. 3: What’s my Ideal Friend?
Sect. 4: Why do I Prefer Girls Instead of Boys?
Sect. 5: Advantages of Friendships from My Perspective
Sect. 6: Sense of Accomplishments
Sect. 7: Humour and Adaptation
Sect. 8: Understanding Me
Sect. 9: Message to my Old Friends Going to University

Chapter 13: Hobbies and Interests
Sect. 1: Interests
Sect. 2: Learning Experience: Computer Maintenance
Sect. 3: Aiming for Powerful and Efficient Computers
Sect. 4: What Video Games have I Played?
Sect. 5: Positive Video Game Music
Sect. 6: Positive Pop Culture Music
Sect. 7: YouTube Part 1: First Videos Watched
Sect. 8: YouTube Part 2: Old Video Games are there!
Sect. 9: YouTube Part 3: The Interesting Thing about Online Film Production
Sect. 10: YouTube Part 4: Previous Experience with Video Editing
Sect. 11: Books on Games and Awesome Adventures (incl. Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
Sect. 12: What is Montreal?
Sect. 13: Activities and Outings
Sect. 14: What I want to do when I Have Money
Sect. 15: Vacations
Sect. 16: Nostalgia Part 1 - Old Childhood Computer Games
Sect. 17: Nostalgia Part 2 - Nintendo 64 Games
Sect. 18: Nostalgia Part 3 - MS-DOS Games
Sect. 19: Nostalgia Part 4 - Loving Pixels
Sect. 20: Nintendo Part 1 - It’s Mario Time!
Sect. 21: Nintendo Part 2 - Interests to the Nintendo Wii
Sect. 22: Nintendo Part 3 - The Nintendo Wii U
Sect. 23: Nintendo Part 4 - Developing Games for the Company
Sect. 24: Nintendo Part 5 - Respectful Staff
Sect. 25: Rovio Part 1 - Angry Birds
Sect. 26: Rovio Part 2 – Building a Game for Rovio Stars
Sect. 27: Joining Freddie Wong and Other Highly Recognized YouTube Users for Vlogs
Sect. 28: Video Game Conventions

Chapter 14: Sharing a Message to the Public
Sect. 1: Rising to Potential Public Status
Sect. 2: Spreading the word on Asperger’s Syndrome and My Intelligence
Sect. 3: Going on News, Television, and Radio
Sect. 4: Building Blocks to Recognition or Celebrity Status
Sect. 5: Which Celebrities I want to Meet
Sect. 6: Meeting Government Officials


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Now, I will make changes to the part where I talk about me not standing certain celebritiy songs, as told by a very cool freelance artist named Bridget Driver, but one thing I will not remove from my book is the section on the Nintendo Wii U. Please do not even write a comment on how bad the console is, because what you are doing is ruining my interest to the game company after selling them out by not buying anything from them for the past two years. When I get a chance, I even deserve, and want to, pay $1000 to Nintendo Co. Ltd. in Kyoto, Japan, for the Wii U, 3DS, games, and fan support through the company's site and exclusive channels.

I hate letting go of the company, especially when Shigeru Miyamoto, Satoru Iwata, and Reggie Fils-Aime deserve to be respected and heavily praised after I saw their photos of their time at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas just this Tuesday. The N64 and the GameCube are the consoles I definitely grew up with, regardless if they were outran by Sony's PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Even then, the multinational company is the only company in the world to own the entire video game industry.

Any suggestions on my sections can be made, though I will be most likely in a rush to get things done, because I am currently only at 37,000 words and still need to involve a lot of thinking in very critical sections. If I break easily, no one will ever be interested in my e-book anymore once they find out that those sections are poorly written and need to be improved in terms of content and absolute certainty.

Anyway, here's something I want you guys to do. I am determined to finalize my e-book for selling by between June 20th to the 24th. But I definitely want to have a bug public audience ready to buy my e-book. So what I want you to do is share this Note to your friends and family, and make an announcement to your followers on other social networks, including Twitter and YouTube. Spread the word through social networks, follow new people, and contact important people such as Concordia University. Additionally, what you could do is volunteer for some time and look over one or two parts of my e-book to make sure it makes sense and is really interesting; please let me know!

What I will do is send an e-mail to the Ministère de L'Éducation, de Loisir, et du Sport du Québec, telling them that I am due to sell my e-book and would like to get in touch with some of their finest organizations for people with Asperger's syndrome. I even have a desired interest to get enough attention to be considered for a live television appointment with Premier of Quebec Pauline Marois about the social stigma as a norm for the minority English people, including me. French is definitely not my language, but I am willing to present myself to the Government of Quebec and hopefully reach out to more political officials, hopefully ending out with an award and recognition from our prime minister.

Okay, that does it for this note. I hope you guys help me out with this. See you later!

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