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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Asperger Computer: A Self-Published Guide on Asperger's Syndrome and Multimedia

The Asperger Computer - A Self-Published Guide on Asperger's Syndrome and Multimedia

by Gregory Desrosiers

How is Asperger’s syndrome like a computer? Take a look!

This self-published guide talks about Asperger’s syndrome in many different topics designed primarily for regular people to recognize the syndrome properly, as people with the syndrome are being heavily stigmatized, as well as provide one full section on how Asperger’s syndrome is like a computer. It also talks about several topics on multimedia, including full chapter of Oracle’s famous programming language, JAVA, as well as among other references and discussions, such as Chuck Lorre’s and Bill Prady’s The Big Bang Theory.

Explore the writing of a college student with Asperger’s Syndrome in a text complete with over 150 sections, plus a full section with colorful photographs, a 4,000-word short story set in New York City called “The Mentally Handicapped Stranger,” a prologue, and an epilogue for extra touches, all in a compact file containing almost 200,000 words!

People do not only have to see what Asperger’s syndrome is about, but it has to be discussed as how people with it have their own life issues that are often difficult to cope with, as well as being able to recognize the sense of stigmatization some individuals, who have a strong social commitment, are experiencing every single day. This book primarily discusses this.

The e-book also makes notes of some of the well-known people around the world who have the syndrome, plus a few who have been diagnosed with a different kind of autism, including Alexis Wineman, the nominated 2012 Miss Montana, James Durbin, the 2011 American Idol contestant, and Temple Grandin, the most recognizable autistic individual in the world.

This e-book also delivers the author’s perspective with nine fully-developed chapters, as well as provide one chapter including nine different chapters on basic JAVA programming. Take a look at how the author has succeeded with some talent in JAVA, and pursuing in studies through mathematical sciences, presumably math, physics and chemistry. Take a look at what are his personal achievements, his own perspective of what is like to grow up with the syndrome, as well as take a look at his past education, discuss about friendships, bringing in publicity, and a full 27-section chapter of hobbies and interests with topics on Nintendo, Rovio, YouTube, and more!

NOTE: Because of concerns regarding copyright infringement, which I did not realized until now and have not been so realistic with my writing approach, unfortunately this book is not available anymore.

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