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Saturday, June 7, 2014

High School Assignment - Republic of Kenya (Contemporary World)

Hello, everyone.

I would like to take the time now to present to you a high school assignment, as part of my efforts in trying to write multiple blogs and sharing them on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Eventually, my social sharing on those blogs will expand and thus I'll work on making the blogs more visible.

I'm working on getting more followers on Twitter so that way I can get some contributors who may want to donate when I share with you my crowdfunding project. It's not here now, but it will be soon enough, and so I must get to work!

Anyway, what I want to share with you here is an assignment I did in one of my courses for Secondary 5. I attended Heritage Regional High School, Quebec's largest English school, located in Saint-Hubert; today, the Riverside School Board stands in a new office building nearby the school. This was an assignment for Contemporary World, taught by Laura Yaworski.

I can't remember much what the point of this assignment was, but it had to do with recognition of international countries around the world and the human development in them. The course was also on world issues such as the Rwandan Genocide; we watched a re-enactment called "Shake Hands with the Devil" produced in 2006. In addition of that course, I also delivered a speech on the 1990 Oka Crisis where a battle broke out between the Mohawks and the Surete du Québec in claiming the Mohawks' ancestral land for building an additional nine holes of the golf course.

Please take note that the references here are not MLA formatted, as this was a high school assignment. As such, if this was to be a college or university assignment, then this work would be reported as plagiarism.

Here it is! (This assignment was written completely on November 24, 2010).

Every wild animal living in the African Safari brings good wealth to Kenya. But in the world of humans, not everyone is able to face themselves against the consequences of colonization and disbanding from the mother countries that are now countries. Today, the long history of the African countries where they were colonies, becomes a struggle of economy and prosperity and people living in highly-developed countries feel sad to those who live in countries that are feeling discouraged of having a very bright time. One of the countries that has an important story behind poverty is Kenya.

            The Republic of Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa, with one side of the country as part of the African coastline. Estimated in July 2010, 40 million people live in Kenya, with Nairobi as its capital and having the official languages English and Swahili. Declared independent from the United Kingdom on December 12, 1963, Kenya used to be a colony. There is enough food to feed all of these millions, but poverty has become a very strong issue to the Government of Kenya.

            Treatment of colonies have been making effect to the people’s lives and the country’s reputation, but the understanding of respectful humans around the world motivate themselves to help people around the world. 16.8 million Kenyans have no access to water and even with latrines, 22.6 million people have no sanitation access. Even though infant mortality is 5%, 50% of Kenyans live under poverty. There isn’t a very helpful water infrastructure, so people end up missing school, losing money, suffer diseases from contaminated water in wells and lakes, and also sometimes end up homeless because poverty shacks may not be strong enough to withstand the force of floods. Droughts also affect the lives of the Kenyans because they have to travel farther than before to a water source in order to survive.

            In the education field of Kenya, schools earn very little money where supplies and equipment are often short. The Government of Kenya has too little money to build free schools by themselves. Even then, some children can’t go to school at all because of water and/or not enough money for supplies and uniforms. But there has been some progress by the government to the children and adults, including international organizations, like Free The Children from outside of Toronto, Canada.

            Kenya’s financial shortage has an issue with public health as well. There are shortages of doctors and nurses, but there has been an increase in the number of nurses and midwifes. However, there is a high risk of diseases, so people who travel to Kenya must have proper protection or certain immunizations at their domestic countries, before entering. Diseases include Hepatitis A, typhoid fever, malaria and rabies. There has been some improvements on services by the Government of Kenya since it became independent.

            Even though Kenya has trouble with services because of money, there has been some positive global notices. Kenya is a country where they put reserves in place for the animals as part of the African Safari that tourists around the world gather around. It is also an official participant of the Olympic Games. There are many religions in Kenya, where Hinduism and Christianity are the most common faiths, and long summers with an ideal climate provide lots of food.

            I believe that Kenya is somehow wealthy compared to other countries, although services aren’t that great and poverty numbers are very high, but one thing that Kenya is definetly good at is keeping the reserves that are part of the safaris for tourists around the world. I’m doing this PowerPoint project on Kenya because one of the Directors of Change of Free The Children, Olivia Gennarelli, went to Kenya in Summer 2010 to build a water system with other volunteers. If she saw a giraffe in a grassy area on a warm sunny day, I’m pretty sure that she would touch her hand on the giraffe’s torso, or, with the help of ladders, depending on the age, wrap one of her arms around the giraffe’s neck, just on top of the torso.


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Enchantment of the World: Kenya, Sylvia McNair and Lynne Mansure, Published in 2001 by Children’s Press, a division of Scholastic Inc.

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