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Friday, June 20, 2014

Jodi DiPiazza and Katy Perry

Hello, everyone; how are you people doing?

It's a fine day here in Montreal; so bright outside that if you are working definitely in the city and you are currently off hours from here, you'd be feeling so refreshed and relaxed that you'll love your experience here, whether it's down by the Old Port of Montreal, a beach outside the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, rollerblading or carpooling at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve opened to public by Parc Jean-Drapeau, or experiencing intense fun and some sickness moments at La Ronde.

Sadly, I haven't gone to La Ronde yet since they opened for the season on the morning of May 17th. It's so expensive and everything, and that there are so many rides I can't adjust to try out because it would feel like I'm on a predetermined bobsleigh with a track; the gravity takes in as soon as the train is not grasped by the climbing chain. A regular daily admission is above $50, while if you pay for the Season Passport, which is much more than that, you can come back as many times as you like before the park is closed for the winter after October 31st.

Anyway, first off, I conveniently apologize if I have not been blogging for a while. I've been working on getting my accounts set up and organizing a crowdfunding campaign that is to help me and my family pay the total costs for my first year at University of Waterloo. Of course there may be other circumstances where it would force me to let go of blog writing for a little while and then come back, but in reality, I'm not always the most frequent person on Blogger. I got so many people on Facebook to talk to, have new followers coming in on Twitter who are adding me to their "Following" list, and I actually need to take some photographs and share them on Instagram.

Now then, what has come to my attention today, which should be really fun, is me talking about a video I came across with back in late 2012 that I never thought it would grow phenomenally huge. And to be honest, I never expected this to influence me partially, because then it would have lose a connection I've built up for having to check out something new. This is something I had a little thought of in one recent night, but I couldn't write about it yet because I was too occupied with something else.

It's on a very special young pianist named Jodi DiPiazza, who resides with her parents outside New York City in the New Jersey state.

The first time I came across her was when I was stumbling around on YouTube, when all of a sudden, a video pops up in the Recommended panel where Katy Perry sings along a child with autism. It was taken place at Comedy Central's "Night of Too Many Stars: America Comes Together for Autism Programs" Festival in New York's Beacon Theater on the night of Saturday, October 13, 2012.

For once, I was kind of reluctant to watch it originally because for some reason, I experience and feel some withdraw whenever I would listen to the voice of someone with autism. I can't honestly explain why, especially if I don't usually watch videos of people with autism. However, I did had a few exceptions, especially Temple Grandin and James Durbin, who was a former American Idol contestant.

You see, I have recorded and uploaded videos with myself so many times, but I never really watch them myself. I find that even with a very pure microphone, when my voice gets recorded and digitized, playing it back sounds really erratic, monotonous, and even so low that it's not really enthusiastic compared to how it would sound whenever I speak in person. In reality, people who have autism like me may never want to watch videos done by me because the voices heard would be something they don't like to hear; it's not always true though, because assumptions definitely do not make up everything. So rude to use them in many situations that I think it's ridiculous to do so, because only then, you would go against yourself.

Anyway, back to the story. I decided to watch the video anyway just because I thought it'd be something really cool. But then did I realize that there is one true reason behind the video's popularity: a YouTube user commented that it was incredibly sweet of Katy Perry to take care of someone with autism, and I actually have to agree. Katy Perry also had a massive audience in the United States and around the world alone to have some of her wonderful fans check out the video.

In simple detail, the two are singing "Firework" done by one of them and her music record team. I watched the original VEVO video with her in the shots, where it was photographed in Washington, D.C. (No, it wasn't for Indepedence Day; sorry!) I was surprised by this that it urged me more to build an audience and become much more popular, yet it was something that I haven't learned yet on how to get it up in a realistic way. Whenever the song would come to me, it would empower me in such a way that I would go out of control; because I haven't been working on my reading skills, recently, and that I haven't really been reading books except those in my assignments, my point of view can be more out of place and unrealistic until I have someone tell me what it is I'm having so much trouble with.

You can watch the duo performance here:

One of the sweetest things I've ever seen from this video is Jodi and Katy hugging each other where they honestly love each other, and it would be something they'd never forgotten. Realistic lessons have been learned from one another, especially with the right kind of support, and I'm pretty sure there wasn't any news recently about Jodi in consistent cries for Katy Perry. Hey, I'm not supposed to get into the hands of this, so why me?

How would you feel if you, Gregory, would be near Katy Perry?
My feelings would go all over the place, because there is no way I would have so much control with myself to see the reality of such an enormous celebrity. Who else would want to go on and then be in Katy's way? This is something I can't do so, nor can anyone else who loves her, especially those that are given the loving name "Katy Cat."

Why do you absolutely love her, Gregory?
Who? Katy Perry? I haven't been watching her music videos lately including "Roar," but considering that she has made some room for Firework as well as her duo performance with Jodi, it's my guess that I'd appreciate her because the next thing you know, she may decide to do another act with another individual with autism. Or for greed, I do want to see her in person. I'm pretty sure other people are so shy but definitely want to see her.

If you love her, why aren't you really watching her music videos, nor buying her music, nor checking out her Facebook and Twitter much?
I'm too busy for all of this. I'm more of a self-occupied individual with computer technology, specifically gaming. Now that I got a new laptop after my old one failed to turn on 15 days ago, my gaming experience is on a whole new level. Even then, I'm so occupied with my studies that I even barely worry about her intentionally.

Let me take you more information on Jodi DiPiazza now, so that way we can get a better idea on what she can be like as a good pianist and vocalist to check out. There are a few things that kind of impact me in some way, although the side I'm on for one of the things Jodi follows is not sound; I know this is very vague, but I'll give you more detail at the end, so please bear with me. Please take note that some of the information I'm delivering from here are from Jodi's own website as well as from the video I posted the link above. (Hi, Jodi! This goes the same for your parents too, Michelle and Tom! :) In case you find out that this blog post doesn't work out at all, you can send me an e-mail and this will be removed accordingly.)

If you watch the first three minutes of this video, you can see a quick interview between Jodi's parents, Michelle and Tom DiPiazza. They tell us about the time where Jodi had some trouble with early development experiences; it's really nerve-wracking for even me to see and hear, but you can see and here a few outcries. One of them was even a tantrum, and that was in a recording back in 2005 with her standing next to Michelle. According to Jodi's personal site, she was diagnosed with autism when she was two years old.

Eventually, she went through strict intervention with a few therapy services, including the Alpine Learning Group. The anxiety originally anticipated slowly transformed into comfort, as the parents found out that Jodi was following along with the therapists. At one point, she decided to build talent with the piano where she was so passionate about it that in even one visual case, as an assumption, she refused to let go.

It was from there that being a pianist was something Jodi's parents were so proud of. In fact, in just 2010, at nine years old, she wrote and performed a song for a campaign ran by both Toys R Us and Autism Speaks. The campaign had earned over $3 million in donations. Jodi also competed in the ASCAP Young Composers competition, where she earned finalist awards in 2011 and 2012.

At 10 years old, for her recognition and efforts in music performances, she was admitted to the Music Preparatory Division at Mannes College, located on West 85th St. in Manhattan, as a student in composition honours.

Thanks to her parents sign-up for "The Night of Too Many Stars" with a charity contract set for Katy Perry, the broadcast that I posted the YouTube link has been part of the campaign that fundraised over $4 million alone for autism education. Because of Katy Perry's popularity, Jodi DiPiazza's public image was taken over purely by storm through the YouTube upload as well as appearances in many different media around the world; she personally received so many messages on the hope and inspiration the duet act has given to many parents of children with autism.

Since October 2013, she has been involved in performances for different fundraising organizations. Today, she is still a student with the Alpine Learning Group, and still has a passion for piano and vocals. She also enjoys a few fun hobbies as well, although I think I'm going to leave it for you to investigate.

There's something I actually want to do for Jodi since I wrote you, my audience, her story. Considering that I have done this, it's about time that I give her and her parents what I am like in also a public fashion. But first, let me give you a few opinions about one of the organizations she was trying to fundraise for.

As you can see, there was at least one organization where the campaign fundraised over $3 million, except that quite recently, I've been encouraged by one individual to let go of the organization because it is so horrifying. It's Autism Speaks; you see, even though there are millions of supporters, in reality, I am actually with a community on Facebook that what we want to do is to advocate the organization for a critical change in structure as well as a major change in goals and philosophy. In other words, I am with a small community of about 4,000 users where we want to boycott Autism Speaks.

Now, I don't have a very solid position, because unfortunately I haven't looked into the whole situation myself about whether or not Autism Speaks is trustworthy and efficient in empowering people with autism directly, as well as encouraging individuals with autism to speak for themselves and share their word on their sole power, their capabilities, and their pure awesomeness. I didn't even took a lot of time researching Autism Speaks myself, so please forgive me if my opinions lack judgement and evidence.

Like I said, it's ridiculous of me to say an assumption, but it has come to my opinion that Autism Speaks rather encourages individuals to criticize individuals with autism, and therefore a stronger stigma occurs. I even came across something where Autism Speaks is so ridiculous on how donations are worked out; most of them goes into the people running the organization as part of their salary for their efforts.

Autism Speaks identifies autism as a disease and say that there is a cure for it. In reality, it's a neurological disorder with no cure at all. (Please forgive me if you don't like seeing the word "disorder" because I'm not 100% sure I agree with saying "condition" instead of "disorder" from my time I worked with a job integrator at Action Main d'Oeuvre.) Recently, I've even saw on Facebook some users posting some photos about Autism Speaks from their partnership with PBS on Sesame Street. Having to view Autism Speaks in a negative point of view, this is the most ridiculous idea I've ever seen; why would they want to throw stereotypical profiling on the children who are watching Sesame Street? I honestly don't know; I can't connect it with ABC's What Would You Do because it's totally different than this.

Honestly, I have to look at some sites for this. I would even have to conduct a full week of research into it to find out whether I find that Autism Speaks is a good organization and I favor it, or it's a bad organization and I should be a whistleblower. (The organization actually has a Canadian office in Toronto.) It won't be easy for me if I decide to be a whistleblower, because if I make a wrong move, I'm already arrested and will be going before a judge. Besides, I have to worry about making money and earning funds for my future.

Anyway, let's move on to the next section. Jodi DiPiazza, would you please take some time to read this? I understand that you have such a wonderful and cute passion for piano and voicing, but I think that after talking about you in a small public sense, what do you say you learn something about me? It's fine if you can't understand what you're reading; it's just a blog write-up, and it can't necessarily be a message.

I was diagnosed with autism, just like you. I was diagnosed at the same age as you had yours, and obviously, I am older. However, my learning and living experience was totally different, and unfortunately I wasn't able to get public attention, just like what you have right now.

You see, I was born in a French province. I was put through strict intervention with some educators as part of Riverside School Board, as well as some therapy from a therapy center called CRDITEDME, Centre de réadaptation en déficience intellectuelle et en troubles envahissants du développement de la Montérégie-Est. (Rehabilitation Center of Intellectual Disabilities and Persuasive Developmental Disorders of East Montérégie, as translated by me) Montérégie is the name of a region in Québec; it borders along the Saint Lawrence River, and is directly outside of the province's largest city, Montreal, which is also known around the world.

I have done some singing myself, and in certain places, at school. In fact, I even participated in a signing act myself in February 2011, and for this, I won $100 as a graduation gift. It was Justin Bieber's Pray with the music video, but today, I absolutely hate him and what he has done in the past nine months from when this was written.

One childhood experience I can share with you is, there were so many occasions where in all the help that my parents were given me, I kept saying "no" to them, and hence I got myself into more trouble than what had turned out. This is how it was, because in all the time I keep communicating, I'm actually a self-centered person. Not so when I was actually doing my recent education.

In addition, I was definitely placed in a special needs nursery school. My parents put me in a regular public elementary school afterwards because I was more smarter than to be considered a student with very serious disabilities.

If you want me to share more of my experiences with you, Jodi, please let me know! Your parents are also welcome for more requests!

Anyway, I'm kind of tired. It's been kind of a short day, actually. But someday, I better write something really big that I can share over here.

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Alright; that does it for this long blog. I'll write some more to share with you!

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