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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Leadership by Instinct (High School assignment)

In Secondary 4, back in the fall of 2009, through the words of Mary Eva, my English teacher, we had to work on a persuasive essay for a contest. All I can say is, just to respect her and everyone else, she's got discipline and so much urge to influence all of us in such a way that when we take action enough, we would love each other so bad.

It didn't happen on my side, but somehow I was able to persevere my completion of the English courses and hope that later, I will read for better understanding of the real world and conduct proper respect and have a better self-esteem. "Why should you not?" That will definitely not be a very good question to answer.

Anyway, what I have here is the essay I've worked on and sent to a contest called the Creative Communications Young Writers' Essay Contest - Fall 2009. It's called "Leadership by Instinct," and for my efforts in writing this essay, although my skills in English writing wasn't as good as I was thinking of at the time they were written, I received a distinction certificate where it was to be published in the Collector's Book of all the students' submissions at that time.

What I demonstrate here is that leadership doesn't always have to come from learning from a superior or one who has experience. Sometimes it can come from the instinct of individuals; I reference a few individuals who show some genuine leadership, although their leadership isn't necessarily from instinct. It's only in the case where the individual learns leadership on their own without any external input.

Enjoy reading this wonderful essay! (I'd only wish I had a very successful time with the teacher back in the old years, because then I would be nominated as one of her favourite students. I actually compared her with my dad's girlfriend, where she is full of discipline too. They both also take some ridiculous or unnecessary attitudes very seriously enough that they persuade people like me with this to take action more seriously enough. Who else wants to take extra discipline?)

When my speech is over, I want my listeners to believe that some people have learned leadership, not by intellect, where you learn it from someone else, but by instinct. Of course, these people were born with leadership in their minds. Who else would want to have ambition that they already have power? What is the secret source that makes these people sometimes clever and they don’t want to get a problem? What are the goals? What are the things that need to be done? How are we going to do them? Do you need to think about the abstract concepts of leadership before you can even say anything or just follow something simple where it’s right for everybody? This is where the important parts of leadership by instinct come in.
What’s it like to be a leader without the use of strong perception? What is it like to be someone who their senses are never too much? That’s the case here, seeing what happens when your senses go “to infinity and beyond.” That is Buzz Lightyear’s point of view. But what is my point of view? It is the strongest power ever created by God. Read Temple Grandin’s Thinking In Pictures, and you’ll see that her intellect has made her opinion about certain people where their pervasion is like animals. They are sometimes oppressive, like when cattle have fear of getting into the dip vat. In the case of humans, they can be a little bit ashamed, especially on the actions of others. Strong perception will always make people concerned about others. Strong perception makes all the difference. Give some glory.
However, strong perception is not the only thing I just have to abide. I need to be passionate. I got to understand my own mistakes. I need to show little regard towards others. I got to make them strong and powerful. I need to make them feel good about the way I am doing. That is what my strong perception is to achieve. Making serious emotions, such as concern, makes the impact stronger. If only if I can be tolerant to them, which is the point. And this is what my strong perception is able to posses. I am not going to beat up another person just because of their power. Of course, being violent to someone is not going to accomplish anything; it is just a psychological reflex. Talk about the fact of ambition, who else wants to influence others where their success lets everything down in a sense of turmoil? I am not Adolf Hitler, who gives a lot of chaos. The Holocaust is not going to make up my day.
Being strongly emotional isn’t the only power I got from strong sensitivity. I have the habit of getting things right, especially when I want to maintain my own self-esteem. Have a black glove be covered in snow, and you’ll be successful. Your subconscious mind is blown away. You can now control the tasks you need to do. On the contrary, not everything is black or white; it’s more of saving yourself. However, you really need to get things mostly right when you’re a fundamentalist or an organizer. See it in Craig Kielburger, for example. Relative to that is jealously, because there are certain situations where you may find that your friends might be provoked or beaten down by certain teenagers and your friends are unbearable about it. Then you have to try to stop the situation where it’s troubling your friends by telling these teenagers to leave your friends alone or have your friends ignore them. These people who want some trouble really need to understand what they’re doing in abstract, although on the other hand, they won’t always understand what they’re doing, especially when all they’re asking is rhetorical questions.
The strong perception enables us to have potential leadership from our instinctive, natural minds. We should give glory to our lord. No matter where you are from, not even your origins, what culture you’re in, what kind of skill you got, whenever you have strong senses, you’re on your way to ambition, depending on what you want to do in the future. Leadership by instinct is never too risky; it’s more of what leaders want rather than treating others with respect. However, because of the way we go through our society in our lifetimes, there may be certain occasions where the instinctive leadership could interfere with someone else’s leadership. But the good thing is the way we show our leadership, because we either take it or we don’t take it. If we do, then the only way for it to be forcefully opposed is when we show power where it leads to mostly negative impacts. We do maintain our self-esteem, which is how leadership makes all the difference. Mistakes can happen, but it doesn’t make us think we’re bad or anything, it is trying to save ourselves, much like the “Black & White” theme discussed earlier. Now, let’s see if the people with instinctive leadership lead their way to positive ambition!

Thank you for reading!
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