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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reality of using "Promote your social networking sites" on Social Networks

Reality of using "Promote your social networking sites" on Social Networks Have you just started a page on Facebook you definitely want to promote? Are you getting stressed out about building an audience that will follow your stuff? What's in your mind?

What I want to tell you today is some of the realities I have learned about trying to share your social networking profiles on different pages that just contain one word: promotion. The reason being is that considering that I went through this kind of experience with a few Facebook pages that were designed for promotion, if there were to be small businesses set up or even some entrepreneurship services or personal accounts, I would rather have them understand strong realities of this before they move on and run into problems.

This definitely applies to audience seekers like me, especially through the multimedia biz.

This blog post also works for crowdfunding pages and communities directly on social networks, although there may be a few exceptions, which I'll give you one at the end of my blog. In addition, I am limited to Facebook and Google+ communities. There may be certain promotional accounts on Twitter, but that's more at a personal or business level, because unfortunately, as of at the time this was written, June 25th, 2014, there are no communities to join on Twitter, unless you follow one individual who brings discussions by tagging other users.

You decide to join various Facebook communities designed to have you promote your thing and expect to get some follow ups later (and please don't mind me listing all the promotion communities I got on my Facebook profile): Promote Your Account Twitter, Promote TWITTER , FACEBOOK , PAGES , BLOG here', Promote My CrowdFunding: Campaign Promotion and Exposure, Crowdfunding: Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and Other Fundraising Projects, Promote your Facebook page and get more likes, Facebook pages promotion groupLIKERS CLUB ( Kîŋǧ Ŋît'$ Promote ur Id n page, promote your pages, Promote Pages Here, PROMOTE MY PAGE, Page Promoting & Friends Group, Promote Your Pages, Promote Your Facebook page, Promote your PAGE [ FREE ], Promote your FB pages, Facebook Page Promote Exchange Group, PROMOTE YOUR PAGE HERE, page promote exchanging group, Promote your Group/Page here, Promote here your pages, groups, blogs, and sites, Page Promotion, Promote your Business,website,videos,fan pages,ideas etc online, Crowdfunding, Crowdfunding promotion page, SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION (Listen,Review,Promote your Music or Project), ™Promote Twitter,Fans Pages Facebookmu Di Sini! ™, Jum Promote twitter Dan Blogger, Promote your blog, and Blogger Ping.

In addition, you have joined up some communities on Google+ where you promote your Facebook page or whatever asset you have on social networking.

This is not to offend the administrators of those communities nor the members of the group, because I am pretty sure the administrators created these groups in the first place to share thoughts with one another and come up with suggestions on how to suit target on those new ideas to much bigger audiences in an elaborate way.

The thing is, if you are using those communities as your only promotional platform, even if your project is small, you may most likely fail. Let me explain why as a full opinion, totally different than an argument or a estimation that could be turned up or down. You don't necessarily have to agree on my opinion for this; I'm simply saying I can assure you that you would be better off having a bigger promotional platform than this.

When I shared my Facebook page on those communities, not that many people commented on my statuses saying that they have liked my page and they want me to like them back. There can be several reasons why I think that occasionally, we would not see that many results as we would estimate or expect, assuming our expectations are very realistic.

Let's say I share my thing to all of those communities I've noted to get a follow up. Here's why I would not be getting that many results as I would:

  • Different users in those communities may live in different time zones around the world, and as such, within a short time frame, there may not have been enough time for people on the other side of the world to like our page, follow us on Twitter, our Google+ account, or our Blogger posts.
  • The users who come into those social networks I noted may not take the time to look at all the posts the members have made every single day to see which page they want to like; even in a community with 10,000 members, by posting it on that community page, in a full day, you would only see less than 10 members coming to your part and liking it. It's especially if the audience you currently have is small and is not reached out as much as it should.
  • The page may not be professionally organized, including the short and long descriptions, the Profile Picture, the Cover Picture, the posts, or the features.
  • The name of the page would not be appealing to the members; for example, people would be appealed to more products than other people alone, because in the consumerism world, only products and services would give us an indication on whether or not that individual is to be well-appealed and followed by more newcomers and other people.
  • Lack of communication between the person who posted the page and possibly the administrators of the groups, because I believe that by having the administrators share your work, your visibility would be greater than having to post your thing yourself.
  • Other members of those communities are too occupied of their own, with their own material, instead of seeking out to communicate with other members, and give out opinions and such.
  • The audience trend since the project creation may not be very big, because if the number of user likes or follows increases on a large scale, it may encourage some users to follow it because it would sound interesting to them. For example, although I didn't do some researching myself, because of Rovio's cautious attention in development and publishing, the number of downloads of the original Angry Birds skyrocketed because the overall trend was originally high enough that the audience started encouraging others to play the game, and hence newcomers were convinced.
  • You may have not yet opened yourself up on social networks other than Facebook. There are ups and downs in each one, but if you do sign yourself up and work hard on each one, you will gain your visibility. But don't expect this to become instant, because this will invest a lot of time, and possibly some money if you need to grow an audience quickly. For example, Twitter; I'm currently at 1,000 followers, even though most of them would not be seeing my newest tweets because the news feed is too overwhelmingly congested with tweets of other members, especially if you are following too many Twitter users, like mine close to 2,000.
  • Social networks go around the world, yet there may be some cultural barriers to overcome, probably with some translation and localization needed.
  • The worst thing I've seen is, once people start liking your thing where you shared it from the promotion page, they usually would not follow up on your post and make suggestions, especially if your audience is so small! This even happens if you don't spend a lot of money on exclusive advertising on Facebook; you'll need a budget to do this!

You don't necessarily have to agree on all of the points; remember, this is my opinion. There's never a no or right answer on this; I'm pretty flexible to learning new things, because remember, I'm unexperienced. People who are not so experienced in this may not deserved to be followed, but they are to be convinced and taught some lessons about more of the reality.

Anyway, the general reality is, you can still join these communities and post your thing, even if your promotion visibility is very big, but you won't be getting that much followers and success from them alone. That's why you need to work on building your audience from the ground up, especially if you are short on money to spend on for advertising. Or, if you do have money to spend on ads, you can do so, but make sure you plan carefully and get some words of advice from campaigners who were successful.

What I'm doing for my audience in my campaign, although there were a few things I wasn't aware of at first when I did put up my crowdfunding campaign in the first place, is writing a whole series of blogs, such as this, where I share them on my social networks and I let people come in and read it. Thus, I can get followers on Twitter.

I even got word from the CEO of the promotional firm CrowdClan, Aaron Djekic, that one way on crowdfunding promotion is social network audiences. I came across a site where it says you need to build your audience way in advance, like several months, before you begin your campaign, if you want it to be successful. As for me, I was not aware of it way ahead in advance, and hence I am risking to spend some money on advertising my campaign. So what do you say you please help me out while I write numerous blogs by making a donation for crowdfunding advertising costs?

I'm Gregory Desrosiers. I live outside of Montreal, struggling to help my family pay the total costs of University of Waterloo for this fall. I am doing Honours Software Engineering, Co-Op, in one of Canada's most prestigious universities! I would be happy if you could please help me out here, because I do not only want to stop experiencing major discrimination I'm having over here in Quebec on the basis of language, even though I was born there. I also want to take advantage of earning a wonderful life and experience by working with some management in large corporations, building my experience in video game development, and also taking the time to go out and have some fun in the fun Ontario environments I will be offered when I move there!

Just one note I want to make before I close this blog: For crowdfunding campaigns that you desperately need an audience with, and whether you have a set budget you can use or not, I'd recommend checking this group called "Crowdfunding Marketing. KickStarter & IndieGoGo projects promotional tips." Now, you cannot promote your campaign there, nor can you share it for another purpose besides asking for some advice on how to better promote your campaign. I'm still new to it, so it's up to you to check it out and experience it!

You can also ask several users on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all of those other social networks you're on to see what you can do to build your audience and get your thing across perfectly.

That does it. Well, talk to you later!

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