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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My Mission to Volunteer for Reaching My Dreams - Video Script

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Hello, everyone! It’s Gregory Desrosiers, a.k.a. Bammer2001. I want to take some time to discuss a few things about what I’m doing.

I’m currently a full-time student at University of Waterloo in Software Engineering, finishing my first co-op term in Waterloo. This September, I’m starting my second academic year, studying six courses. You may expect me to do an intense amount of volunteering, and so that’s where I’m heading.

So, what do you have to discuss about volunteering?

I’m volunteering, and I want to keep on going. I volunteered in three different one-time events, sponsored directly by University of Waterloo, so far: UWaterloo’s You@Waterloo Day on May 23rd, Canada Day Celebrations on July 1st, and EngSoc Goes To THEMUSEUM in Kitchener on July 11th. The first event was an orientation event for families with relatives already admitted into one of UWaterloo’s programs. The second was celebrating Canada Day with an audience of over 60,000 people with special guests like rock artist Kim Mitchell and TVO Kids host Gisele Corinthios. And the third was a setup in Kitchener’s THEMUSEUM where we had children come on over to our stations for three different activities to get the children interested in science and engineering.

Are you doing any volunteering right now? If so, why?

I’m currently volunteering on weekends for the rest of the term. I work at a startup company in downtown Kitchener as a web developer. After living in Quebec for 20 years, I want to expand my resume and my skill set by trying out different kinds of volunteering and learning as I go. This is also a chance for me to take on more difficult co-op positions after working on integrating myself to a job and learning multiple professional skills.

Do you have an additional explanation to why you are volunteering?

I’m also volunteering because until I get myself a more profitable job, pay back most of my debt and help out my parents, I would not go out and spend some money on a lot of things that I want rather than what I need. Right now I’m stuck with having to do nothing but being in my apartment almost all weekend, which is why I’m working at this startup I discussed before. I may not necessarily appreciate the environment every time I volunteer, but it enables me to get a better sense of realism as an engineering candidate. Also, it builds up my CV, and volunteering multiple one-time events in a single term would help me build up my CV and my LinkedIn profile rather quickly; however, a volunteering position for more than one time slot is better because by working within a startup as a volunteer, more like a part-time job, I could get an employment recommendation for future co-ops.

So where does this go from here?

So, here are a few things I’m doing. Saturday, August 15th, I’ll be volunteering at Tech Retreat 2015, which is a UWaterloo-based high school hackathon where students from high schools get a chance to practice software programming using Ruby. When I start school again on September 14, I am hoping to be elected as the Games Representative for UWaterloo’s Software Engineering Class of 2019; I want to get together with my classmates and start building on friendships for teamwork to help me on our class assignments as well as to earn volunteering experience. This is also the case for me to be exposed in organizing games, which would be a skill for me to learn in becoming a computer game designer. And Saturday, September 26th, I’ll be at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, representing University of Waterloo’s Software Engineering, where I’ll be discussing to high school students about the program as well as how my experience is like so far.

Any last thoughts?

Anyway, if you want to know more about what I’m trying to accomplish, as well as get some insight about my situation and my personal background, please check out my blog. Please be sure to check out my LinkedIn profile too, as well as follow me on the social networks I’ve mentioned in the description of this video.

Otherwise, thanks for watching!

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