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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Elementary School Graduation Message (from Principal)

Hello, people.

How have you been? Sorry if I haven't posted a Blogger blog in a long time! Anyway, I want to present to you a very touchy note written and presented by my old elementary school principal upon my graduation, Trudy Williams. It was presented on June 15, 2006.

Enjoy reading this touchy message!

Dear Graduates,

"True Colors
is the 2006 graduation theme at Boucherville Elementary SChool, your graduation theme. Over the year, you did show your true colours, each and every one of you.

You showed your true colors from the very first day that I met you in January. I saw evidence of good strong friendships being developed that I am positive will continue to grow for many years to come. You showed your true colors when you participated in the reading week activities in February. You demonstrated responsibility and wore a huge smile as you read with your younger reading buddies. You showed your true colors as you operated the telephone lines at lunchtime. Your professional manner was noticed by numerous callers who complemented me on your professionalism. And once again, you showed your true colors when you helped Mr. Sylvain (Lemarre, a Phys. Ed. teacher) organize and run the events at the Spring Fling. You demonstrated great leadership qualities as you explained each activity and guided the younger students through each event, step by step. You showed your true colors in many of our in-house competitions such as the Boucherville Public Speaking Contest, The Can-Spell Contest, and The Mad Minute Math Contest. Stomach butterflies surfaced and adrenaline soared as you demonstrated great academic skills at these events and many others throughout the year. You also showed your true colors in front of the camera as you proudly presented your work when we created the film with Heritage Regional High School and when you made commercials with Madame Valerie (Ducharme, a French teacher). Your true colors were more than just black and white. The color pink surfaced as hot pink as you performed the Pink Panther Dance for all Boucherville Elementary students to enjoy. The audience was in awe. You showed your true colors, true multi colors to be more precise, as you participated in the Arts Smarts Project, "Making a Difference." The beautiful ceramic mosaic table will indeed be a colorful mark left by you, the graduating class of 2006. You showed your true colors during the SSIAA (South Shore Interscholastic Athletics Association) soccer tournament. Yes, the Boucherville red and white is a winning combination.

As you leave your "Boucherville Elementary School Family," always remember to show your true colors, be true to yourself, make good decisions, and be a life long learner. Keep the wonderful colorful memories of Boucherville Elementary School alive in your heart and treasure them forever.

You're beautiful! Your true colors are beautiful!
Congratulations, class of 2006!

Mrs. Williams, Principal

The song "True Colors" was written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly. The original song was actually performed by Cyndi Lauper (now at 59 years old), and was released in her second album, also called True Colors, on July 25, 1986. It reached #1 of the US Billboard Hot 100 of 1986, but it only stood at the top for two weeks.

You can listen to the song here:
This is the original music video produced in the same year it was recorded by Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

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