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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fundraising Project (To Autism Society Canada)

Hi, everyone!

How are you people doing? I am feeling tired and stuff, but there are a couple of things I want to bring up with you.

Tomorrow is my first day of my fifth semester at college. Just two more semesters to go before I actually head off to university and things get really busy with a lot of changes done. I am going into five different courses: General Chemistry, Humanities for Science Programs, Electricity & Magnetism, Creative Writing, and Program Development in a Graphical Environment (JAVA GUI & Applet plus JAVAFX).

I will say this is going to be a busy semester, especially where I not only have to do classes and homework, but I still want to work on my first short story volume that I want to upload onto the same sites I uploaded The Asperger Computer, and let you guys read it for free. There's also me needed to do some chores around the house as well as doing exercises important for my needs in participating a program with a specialized employment house in Montreal, and eventually taking appointments with a mental rehab agency owned by the government.

I'm pretty much prepared for the semester; the only thing that matters now is to progress it and work my way through many of the things I need to as well as balance out my need to work on other things as well.

Anyway, one of the things I want to do as I progress my semester is to do a short-term fundraising campaign for Autism Society Canada (definitely not Autism Speaks...). Not that I don't want to be an advocate, but that's simply for me to start earning public recognition the easy way and tell regular people on what I can do that sure, it may be something not as expected as what programmers would see, but something that people would then accept me as "smart."

What I would do is showcase my JAVA program to the students at my college that I've written for the past eight days, and still need one or two more to finish it off, to let people really see the highlight of what I can do. People just come by to the hallways on the regular basis, and whenever they see the animation in many different colors, they would decide to come and not only see it, but get aware of the many different things about an autistic person like me. By making a donation, they are pretty much helping the association out pay the necessary fees for presentation, as well as contributing some money.

Why can't I do this right now with the people I've got by my side? Here, what I'll let you do is make a donation with an amount you select, and then in return I'll give you a copy of my e-book that is yet to sell regardless of being uploaded on certain sites (The Asperger Computer).

All proceeds will go to Autism Society Canada; not a single penny donated will be used as profit for the e-book itself.

Take a look at this first before deciding whether or not to donate:
"By donating to Autism Society Canada you will be supporting a national, bilingual, organization in our work to:
  • Provide public education, awareness, information and referral on ASD issues that is accessible to all Canadians via our website, our email information service and our toll free phone lines.
  • Support our nationwide provincial and territorial member societies who provide direct service to individuals with ASDs and their families.
  • Advocate for universally accessible treatment and educational programs, family supports, ASD surveillance and increased funding for autism research.
  • Collaborate with many partners to support improved service delivery and accommodations for children, youth and adults with ASDs.
Every dollar makes a difference - please help us so we can continue to help others."
This is from the society's website; please do make a difference to Canada, especially when we just had an article about a mother who has been in shock after a reading from someone who's taken offense against her autistic child. (

Donate now!

Anyway, I hope to write some new blogs, as well as continue on my own projects! See you later!

Friday, August 2, 2013

A New Phone!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have something really cool I want to present to you.

With help from my mom’s boyfriend, I got a new phone and went for a monthly plan on a two-year contract.

It’s a Samsung Galaxy S II LTE, installed with Google Android. Underneath, this is what the phone looks like with a plastic cover, next to the original black box that stored it.

This is my second cell phone; the original one was an LG GR501, with phone service provided by Bell. We decided to make a provider switch because Bell started to become way too expensive, and better yet, I wanted to use a company’s phone package for a price where I didn’t had to buy the phone at first; just pay for a contract. The phone was free, but my boyfriend had to pay $20 for the plastic cover that goes on the side opposite the screen.

In this case, I am subscribing to a $39 monthly plan provided by FIDO Canada. Here’s what I am offered to which I must pay $39.40 a month over 24 months for using:
450 weekday minutes (7am to 6pm)
Unlimited Eve/Wknd minutes (Evenings Starting at 6 pm)
Unlimited Canada wide long distance
Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, U.S and international
wireless numbers
600 MB Data
Call Display
Unlimited Circle Calling
Call Waiting
Conference Call

I have downloaded and installed nine different applications for recreational and multimedia use. August 1st, 2013, marks the first day officially for me to be registered on the free photo sharing application, Instagram. Any of you interested in following me, I am known as GregPDesIG.

The applications are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, five different games from Rovio’s Angry Birds, and even Bad Piggies released on September 27, 2012. I can’t wait to play the levels, learn on how Bad Piggies works and what to do to control and play the puzzles, as well as to meet up with people I know of on Instagram for spontaneous photo sharing.
Are you ready, my friends?

Well, it looks like I’ll put this phone to great use as long as I can find a way to get an income from a job or from any sort of project or even a scholarship. Anyway, that’s it; hope you experience the fun from me!

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